Ingredients BY Professor Scrubbington

It is the extract of the wonderful Aloe Vera plant. With its gentle soothing and moisturising properties and it is the botanical wonder ingredient of my emporium.

It’s water of course, even your younger brother knew that!

Benzyl alcohol is produced by many plants. It is used as an ingredient in perfumery and also as a preservative to prevent nasty bacteria from forming.

A conditioning agent to keep hair and skin feeling as smooth as a kitten’s ears.

This is a wonderful product with anti-static properties that helps prevent fly away hair (until you rub a balloon on it of course).

Citric acid is a very weak acid found in most fruits and vegtables. It is used to balance the pH (you can find out more about this in science lessons if you’re not too busy blowing stuff up!)

This is a naturally occuring ingredient found in essential oils and is part of our gorgeous fragrance.

This ingredient is derived from a coconut and helps to make my conditioner foam (much softer on your head than a coconut landing on it!)

It is part of our wonderful fragrance and is derived from clove oil (cloves are put in everything at Christmas by Grandmas). It also has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Contained within our fragrance and interestingly, it is both an insect repellent yet also used by honey bees to mark their scent.

Derived from vegetables, it attracts water and thus keeps young skin moisturised. So you won’t look all dry and shrivelled like one of those raisins that keep popping up down the back of the car seat.

The clue is in its name, a protein derived from wheat (used to bake bread and yummy buns) that helps hair retain moisture and stay shiny.

This helps to thicken. It is made from cellulose, contained within wood (of the tree variety).

A small component of our fragrance.

A conditioning agent derived from Guar Gum (not chewing gum which I detest).

Found in over 200 species of plant it has a light floral fragrance (but not too girly if any young gentlemen are worried)

It is an emulsifier that helps oil and water mix because they usually get along about as well as you do with your sibling(s) on a long car journey.

Our lovely fresh fragrance of freshly cut grass.

This is a preservative used in wine too to stop things turning yuck.

A product from yeast (also used to bake bread and brew beer – not the ginger variety though) that breaks down ammonia (the pongy part of sweat)

Found in the bark of the willow tree, it stops nasty bacteria from growing and producing a worse niff thanthe one we’re trying to get rid of!

It is a preservative. A salt produced from benzoic acid which naturally occurs in a number of yummy (and not so yummy) fruits and spices.

This creates our lovely foam but it is more natural and much milder than sodium laureth sulphate found in most soaps. It’s also bio-degradable which is good for our planet where we all live.

This is also made from coconuts and gives our foam a bit of a boost.

It helps keeps everything nice and moist but a bit less than a super soaker.

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