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What Goes On Goes In BY Professor Scrubbington
What goes on goes in

The skin is the largest but possibly the least appreciated organ, yet it serves a host of vital functions. Your skin keeps out germs, toxins and harmful radiation, keeps in moisture and nutrition, and even makes important nutrients such as vitamin D. Although skin makes a wonderfully effective barrier against many external agents, it is nonetheless absorbent – many substances can pass through the skin and into your body.   Whilst we’ve become increasingly conscious of what we’re putting in our bodies via the food in our mouths, the same concern for what we’re putting in via the products we use on our skin is lagging in comparison. (more…)

Subscribe, Scrub and Save BY Professor Scrubbington
Professor Scrubbington Subscrive & Save

We’ve launched a subscription service which means you can sign up and get your Scrubbington’s delivered as often as you like without having to think about it.

We’ve also taken 20% off all subscription orders as a thank you for your regular custom.

Simply add your products to your basket as usual and then click the Subscribe & save option. You can choose exactly the products you want as often as you need them and you can easily change your order at any time.

It’s as easy as that.

You’ll never run out of Scrubbington’s again and enjoy spotless children all year round!

Let’s Get Active BY Professor Scrubbington
Kids splashing in muddy puddles

This year we are on a mission to get you to try a new sport with your kids. Here at Scrubbington’s we want kids to get fit, active and healthy whilst also having fun and learning to be independent. Physical activity should not be a chore so find activities you enjoy as a family or get the kids involved in a new activity to build confidence. As children grow up they can use these skills to get involved in team sports or community groups. (more…)

10 ways to make bath-time fun again BY Professor Scrubbington
Child having fun in the bath with Professor Scrubbingtons conditioner

Bath time should be a regular part of your child’s routine whatever their age. As children mature they may need to clean themselves even more than ever. By the age of eight, body odour and sweat can become an issue and involvement in messy activities like football, cross country, biking or tree climbing means that mud and dirt needs to be washed off and showers become much more of a ‘clean’ regime.  (more…)