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Calling all mud magnets!

Welcome to Scrubbington’s, the home of washing solutions for mud magnets everywhere.  Our store is crammed full of nifty, foamy ideas to scrub up real kids and the planet...

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Scrubbing up Real Kids

Made from NATURAL stuff and tested by clever folk in lab coats, so we know it’s great for everyone to use... even those kids with really SENSITIVE SKIN.

Finger sticking FOAM that unlike gel, actually reaches all the grimy parts (and is ace for lobbing at a baby brother!).

Built in natural PONG PREVENTERS as well as a DEODORANT because real kids can be quite whiffy.

Scrubbing up the Planet

Bottles made from 50% RECYCLED plastic (we’re busy working on the rest).

Mega easy to pour REFILL POUCHES because real kids care about our planet more than anyone.

Finger sticking FOAM that uses less water than gel so better for our planet



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