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10 ways to make bath-time fun again

Posted by Emma Cranstoun on

Bath time should be a regular part of your child’s routine whatever their age. As children mature they may need to clean themselves even more than ever. By the age of eight, body odour and sweat can become an issue and involvement in messy activities like football, cross country, biking or tree climbing means that mud and dirt needs to be washed off and showers become much more of a ‘clean’ regime.

Most people know how to entertain their toddler with bath cups, plastic books and crayons and plastic toys. However, after the age of about 5 or 6 when children become more independent how do you make important time in the shower or bath enjoyable at this tricky ‘pre-teen’ age.

  1. Get the kids who are now washing alone to add bubbles or foam to the bath and encourage creative play

  2. Challenge them to a game of noughts and crosses or to practice for spelling tests the next day on the side of the shower.

  3. Give older children the tools to clean themselves in the form of easy to hold sponges, smaller sized products and easy to reach toys. Keep a small mesh bag on the side of your bath and shower for easy reachability

  4. Reading a book or magazine (as long as it’s ok to get wet!) can make bath-time great wind down time away from screens and interruptions

  5. Older kids can get creative with their singing in the shower (and no one to hear them now they on their own)

  6. Or install a waterproof shower radio for extra musical inspiration.

  7. Make bath time ‘salon time’, crazy styles, foam beards and moustaches are a fun way to get clean and no-one needs see you

  8. Science experiments are great fun and educational. They can learn about physics through flow and motion, chemistry through mixing and potions. Here’s an example. Get some cupcake liners or small storage boxes. Cut some sponge circles out of different sizes. See if they sink when they are dry. Then get them wet. See how much water it takes to sink each one depending on the amount and size of sponge. Add foam to turn into cupcakes! 

  9. Encourage good tidiness habits by providing each child their own coloured towel so you can see who hangs it up afterwards – prizes for the winner

  10. If you do have a foaming or bubbly product why not create sculptures or words, just squirt and foam and off you go

Watch this space for a way to win with your foam artwork or sculptures!

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