Family looking into a cardboard box, the text reads 4 Awesome Cardboard Box Activities.

4 Awesome Carboard Box Activities

4 Awesome Carboard Box Activities

We are all about recycling and keeping the kids entertained here at Scrubbingtons. If you've received a parcel from us and are wondering what to do with the carboard box it came in, look no further here are some ideas to have fun and keep your kids busy!

1. Perform a Theatre Show

Cut out a rectangular 'window' on the front side. Hang a cord across the top of the window to drape fabric over as curtains or draw some on. For characters, use finger puppets or painted fingers to create lots of fantastic stories and get their imagination going.

Cardboard Box Theatre

2. Make a Rock Star's Guitar

Cut a circular hole in the bottom of the box and wrap elastic bands length way round the box crossing the hole. Cut another hole at one of the box and insert a empty kitchen roll tube for the guitar arm. Decorate with stickers and get ready to rock. 

Cardboard Box Guitar

3. Run your own Train Station 

Flip your box over and cut out some tunnels on each side. If you are feeling extra creative you can draw caves, tunnels and bricks. Then lay out your train tracks so they weave in and out of the tunnels. 

Carboard Box Train Station

4. Design a Magical Castle

Cut the top flaps off and discard. Add empty kitchen rolls for turrets, for a drawbridge cut a door and leave the bottom attached. Get the paints out and decorate to make it as magical as possible.

Carboard Box Castle
We would love to hear any ideas you may have! Feel free to comment your suggestions below

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