5 Things Kids Need To Know For Their Year 6 Residential

5 Things Kids Need To Know For Their Year 6 Residential

5 Things Kids Need To Know For Their Year 6 Residential

The Spring and Summer terms sees most children embark on that primary school rite of passage, the Year 6 Residential.

This may be the first overnight school trip or the first time that a child has spent the night away from home. Even for regular sleepover fans, there is no doubting that the Year 6 residential with it’s week long schedule of outward bound adventures, sleeping in dormitories and trying new things is a BIG deal for most 10 and 11 year olds.

So how do you help your child to make the most of these five days of freedom and fun? Try these 5 tips and hopefully, they will be prepared for anything the week throws at them.

How to plan ahead

Part of the thrill of a residential is the planning beforehand. Give your child the responsibility of reading the packing list provided by the school and ensuring that they have everything they need. And although you might want to double check the list yourself to avoid any last minute welly purchases, let them pack their bag themselves.  

How to make a bed

On a residential stay, children will be given bed linen and expected to make their own beds when they arrive, as well as keep their dormitory neat for the week. Practise putting on a bottom sheet and pillowcase at home and if they don’t already, get your child to make their bed every morning, so they don’t end up wrestling with linen when they are away.


How to keep themselves clean

We all know that left to their own devices, most children will happily avoid a shower or toothbrush for days. To avoid Stig Of The Dump replacing your fresh faced darling by the end of the week, ensure that they have easy to use products with them. Scrubbingtons 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash for kids is a one bottle solution for head to toe cleaning.

How to be a good teammate

Residentials are not about individual achievements, but enabling all children to participate fully in the activities. Stress the importance of encouraging those who may be struggling with a task and working as a team. Share with your children this truth; people may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


How to be brave

Being brave doesn’t mean never feeling scared. Your child will be experiencing lots of new things on their week away and lots of these may make them anxious and worried, from trying new foods to climbing a tree or even sleeping in the dark. Reassure your child that they can be brave and still have these worries. Remind them that telling a teacher or a friend if their worries get too big is the bravest thing of all.


We hope your children have an amazing residential experience. If you have any tips to add to ours or want to share how your children enjoyed their residentials, we’d love to hear from you.

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