5 Ways To Get Big Kids To Take A Bath

5 Ways To Get Big Kids To Take A Bath

5 Ways To Get Big Kids To Take A Bath

As children get a little older and ever closer to the Big P (that’s puberty to you and me), then a regular bath or shower becomes more than just a relaxing end to the day, but necessary to combat pongs and whiffs.

As well as washing off all that mud, dirt and sweat from running, climbing and sports activities, it is also important at this age to get children into an independent ‘clean’ regime that will see them right through adolescence.

We know that some kids seem to think that a bath is an evil torture device designed by parents to ruin their fun, so how do you make this important time in the shower or bath enjoyable at this tricky tween age.


  1. Make sure they have the right tools to encourage independent bathing. Bright coloured sponges and flannels, their own towel and easy-to-use products like Scrubbingtons 3 in 1 Kids Shampoo, which has pump dispensers, easy squeeze bubble bath bottles and fabulous foam.

  2. Reading a book or magazine (as long as it’s ok to get wet!) can make bath-time a great way to wind down from screens and interruptions.

  3. Encourage them to get creative with their singing in the shower (and no one to hear them now they on their own)

  4. Or install a waterproof shower radio for extra musical inspiration.

  5. Make bath time ‘salon time’, crazy styles, foam beards and moustaches are a fun way to get clean and our foam makes for a fabulous mohican!

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