7 Ways To Bring The Happy Into Your Home with some Self-Care for Kids

7 Ways To Bring The Happy Into Your Home with some Self-Care for Kids

7 Ways To Bring The Happy Into Your Home with some Self-Care for Kids

Self Care for Kids

There's a lot of talk about self-care around at the moment, and for good reason.  Having to isolate from your friends and family because of a pandemic is not normal for any of us. 

Kids have missed out for months on the normal interaction that they get at school during the day so self care is super important for them too.  Kids often find it hard to articulate how they are feeling but we can help them bring the happy into their lives.  

Encourage them to do something they enjoy when they are feeling down.  Here are our suggestions and we'd love to hear yours:

Sing a song

Singing releases endorphins that help you feel happy so get them to sing along to their favourite song at top volume.

Make something

Creative hobbies help us to relax but also having something to show at the end of an activity really boosts kids self esteem. So go and bake a cake or make a cardboard box castle.

Jump around

This one's easy, being active creates more of those happy boosting endorphins - it's even more fun if they are allowed to jump around on your bed!!

Have a bubbly bath

We all love a relaxing bath and kids are no different.  So turn on the taps, break out the kids bubble bath and dim the lights for them.  Best followed up with a snuggle and a hot chocolate.

Take a deep breath

It's never too early to learn how to use your breathing to help you calm down, especially if your kids are suffering with anxiety as so many are at the moment.

Get outside

Outdoor play has so many benefits, especially in the winter: Vitamin D, extra exercise, appreciation of the natural world, reducing stress, promoting creative play...we could go on but we have a whole blog on this you can read.

Gratitude journal

Putting pen to paper to journal is good for all of us but did you know that keeping a gratitude journal can help boost positivity, optimism and self esteem.  Who doesn't want that for their kids?  Our favourite one's are from Happy Self Journals

Feel free to print our tips out to give to your kids.  They can choose something to do if they need a quick boost.

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