Apps To Get Kids Outdoors

Apps To Get Kids Outdoors

Apps To Get Kids Outdoors

Do you have a kid that’s tied to their tablet or smitten with their smartphone? Lure them outside with these apps that encourage kids to enjoy the natural world.

Please note: all apps require adult supervision for safe use and may feature in-app purchasing.


Birds of Britain Pocket Guide iPhone, £3.99

Information on all the common and best known birds in Britain, including appearance, habitat, diet and interesting facts

Chirp! Bird Songs & Calls Of Britain and Europe iPhone, £3.99

Identify and learn bird songs and test your knowledge with quizzes

BigMagnify iPhone, free

Get up close and personal with the bugs in your garden with this free app that turns your smartphone into a magnifying glass

Cloudspotter iPhone, $2.99

Learn about 40 different types of clouds with hundreds of photographs and descriptions and then see how many you can spot.


LeafSnapUK iPhone, free

Don’t know your oak from your ash? Identify the trees in your neighbourhood by snapping pictures of their leaves.

Tree ID iPhone & Android, free

Identify the UK's native and non-native trees with this A-Z tree guide from The Woodland Trust

Outdoors GB iPhone, free

Find new walks and never get lost again with this extensive collection of Ordnance Survey maps

Litterati iPhone & Android, free

Do good and feel good with this litter picking app, which encourages users to collect and upload litter found in their neighbourhood.


Geocaching iPhone & Android, free

The real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game, Find the hidden treasure in your neighbourhood.

Animal GO iPhone, free

Pokemon GO with more fluffiness. Catch all the animals that you find on your walk.

StarWalk iPhone & Android, free

An interactive guide to the night sky, make evening walks educational with this star spotting app.

WildTime iPhone & Android, free

Find time based wild things for you and your kids to do on your doorstep. Choose how much time you have to spare, find a wild thing to do. Get outside and do it.






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