Bath, Bed and Other Battles

Bath, Bed and Other Battles

Bath, Bed and Other Battles

Before you became a parent, you most likely believed family bedtime to be nightlights, lullabies and winsome toddlers, when the reality is closer to wrangling wriggly rascals into pyjamas, bribing them to clean their teeth and after eleventy billion attempts to leave their room, finally dragging yourself downstairs to promptly fall asleep on the couch.

As experts of all things bath time for young persons, Scrubbington’s has joined forces with the baby towel geniuses at Cuddledry to share with you the truth about bed, bath and other parenting battles.


Bath time for babies is an anxiety inducing feat of near military precision planning. You will need to put aside at least two hours to gather the frankly eye-boggling amount of equipment needed for a two minute plunge in a baby safe two inches of 37.5 degree water. Bathing a baby unfortunately requires more than the usual allocation of hands given to a parent. When both hands are involved in the vital task of actually holding your baby in the bath, you will inevitably discover that some essential item is just out of reach. Despite performing extreme acts of athleticism it will prove impossible to retrieve without removing baby from the bath. A lung-busting cry of outrage will quickly follow.

Baby bath time has the potential to be a life affirming moment  of baby / parent bonding, however you will be so busy obsessively checking the water temperature every few minutes and maintaining a back breaking posture worthy of an extreme yoga guru to actively enjoy any of it.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ was obviously not a parent. There are two main phases to baby bedtime: the ‘getting the baby sleep’ phase during which you will have quite legitimate murderous thoughts about anyone within a mile radius speaking above a whisper and the ‘keeping the baby asleep’ phase which lasts from the moment they finally close their eyes to around dawn (if you are lucky). You know you are a veteran of this stage when you have perfected a Chris Ryan style SAS commando crawl out of the nursery and see nothing wrong with spending an evening watching Gogglebox on mute.

For a gentle, relaxing part of baby’s bedtime, try Scrubbington’s Cotton Soft kids bubble bath. Scrubbington’s range of Foaming bath time products contain no parabens, sulphates or other nasties that could irritate young skins, making them the perfect choice for the littlest to the biggest kid in the house.

For an easier, less stressful baby bath time, wrap them up warm in a Cuddledry hands free towel. Worn around the neck like an apron, you now have two hands free to safely lift your wriggling and slippery baby from the water, and bring them into your arms for a warm and loving embrace. The unique bamboo and cotton blend keeps little ones safe and snug until you’re ready to dress them- no more tears, no more stress!



Bathing a toddler is like trying to keep a slippery wriggling eel in a tiny bucket of water. It can be done but not without collateral damage; namely you. You will become so wet that you may as well get in the bath with them. It is around this time that children develop an extreme aversion to hair washing meaning that you will become so adept at the art of misdirection and distraction that you could easily get a spot performing illusions in Las Vegas.

Toddlers have the rare ability to become more active in direct correlation to their need for sleep. An overtired toddler can literally run circles around you whilst you proffer pyjamas or ineffectually wave a toothbrush in their general direction. However once in  bed a toddler can go from high speed to unconscious so fast that you will be looking for their on/off switch.

Toddlers explore the world by getting their sticky mitts on just about everything, so teach hand hygiene with Scrubbington’s Hand and Face Wash for kids. Perfect for children who are starting to explore their world, Scrubbington’s range of Foaming bath time products encourage independence in the bathroom with easy bottles and pumps designed for small hands to master.

Make getting out of the bath just as much fun as being in there! Cuddledry’s fun and creative range of toddler and child towels are perfect for growing little tub splashers on a mission for adventure! The Cuddlebunny, Cuddlepanda and ever popular Cuddleroar are perfect for snuggling up after bath time and great for encouraging imaginative play too.


Little kids

Once children develop verbal reasoning skills, you will need to become a master of negotiations on a par with the UN Security Council. A bath time spent explaining to a small child why they need to actually wash themselves behind the ears and between their toes at least once a month surely equips you to double up as a hostage negotiator in your free time... if you had any free time that is..

You may think that once your small child is actually in bed, then your troubles are behind you, however the real work is only just beginning. Scheherazade had nothing on the parent of a five year old who demands the re-reading of a particular book for the gazillionth time. Woe betide a parent who attempts to skip a bit, your child has memorised that book and demands nothing less than a full Oscar worthy performance nightly, complete with all the funny voices. Once stories are read, then comes the endless demands for cups of water, one last wee, checking under the bed for monsters and the sudden need to find a particular fluffy bunny that they cannot possibly sleep without. This last stage will almost certainly triple in length if you actually need to go out that evening and a babysitter is waiting.

To scrub without fuss, pick products that pack a big punch into one bottle. Scrubbington’s 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash cleans from tangled locks to grimy toes. To stop the dreaded ‘No!’, Scrubbington’s range of Foaming bath time products make bath time fun with fabulous foam, bursts of bubbles and delightful designs.

Make every hair wash a happy hair wash and eliminate the soggy back syndrome once and for all! The Cuddletwist is so easy to use- simply wrap, twist and tuck and your little ones are good to go.


Big kids

The hard graft of bath and bedtime is behind you and as a battle scarred veteran, you can now sympathise with your parent friends who are still deep in one of the first three stages whilst secretly rejoicing that you are no longer on the frontline. Your role now consists of either cattle prodding your child into a shower every few days or standing impatiently every morning outside a locked bathroom door into which your child disappeared at least an hour ago to do something with their hair.

Roles are reversed as you are now the one heading to bed early whilst your child stays up late watching incomprehensible and probably inappropriate things on YouTube. Your child will no longer bounce on your bed along with the dawn chorus but will have the kind of sleep that you can only dream of, considering your last lie-in was somewhere around the early noughties. It is therefore not unreasonable at all to hoover outside your child’s bedroom at 8am on a Sunday morning, in fact it is probably the only fun you are going to get heading into the teen years.

 Keep a bottle of  Scrubbington’s Foaming three-in-one Shampoo and Conditioner and Scrubbington’s Kids Deodorant in their PE bag. Perfect for an active lifestyle, our two niff-busting champions ensure swishy locks and sweet smells even after an hour’s sports club. Scrubbington’s range of Foaming bath time products has everything a child needs to feel confident and clean all day.

Bigger kids don’t need to miss out on all the fun. Cuddledry’s new design toddler towels are now all available in a bigger size for children aged 3-6 years- so you can mix, match and keep the fun going for longer.



Get battle ready with all you need to make bath time fun and stress free with our fabulous giveaway.

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