Camping with Kids - the ultimate checklist.

Camping with Kids - the ultimate checklist.

Camping with Kids - the ultimate checklist.

Camping trips...remember those? The kids all pink in the cheeks from running around and everyone smelling of camp bonfires.

We have missed those a lot and we bet we aren't the only ones. So if you are gearing up for your first camping trip in a loooong while then you'll want to read this, our Ultimate checklist for Camping with Kids!!

Pre kids you could sling a mini back pack on your back and skip off into the sunset but any kind of travel with kids involves a bit more planning.  You all know to take the obvious things like tent and sleeping bags but we've got a few extra tips and tricks to make things go smoothly.

  • A big rug/blanket or tent carpet - put this under your air mattresses or camping mats and you'll all be a whole lot warmer.
  • Doormat or old towel for the tent entrance.  Kid's on campsites, in and out of the tent all day in their wellies.  Do we need to say more?
  • Pillows - can make a big difference to your sleep
  • Extra warm blankets for the little ones
  • Hoodie jumpers or woolly hats for sleeping in.  Warm heads warm body!
  • Card games, colouring stuff and kids toys for inside the tent, just in case it rains
  • A headtorch each.  Kids can keep one by their pillow in case they wake in the night and need a wee or just feel a bit scared.
  • Fairy lights, these make great night lights for those a little scared of the dark.
  • First aid kit.  Someone always needs a plaster.
  • A spare tarp - always handy for making a covered area outside if it rains a bit.
  • Dustpan and brush - the tent will somehow always be full of grass
  • Binbags.  Obviously for rubbish, but also invaluable for wet weather. Get the kids to step into them in their wellies in the tent so they don't tread mud everywhere.
  • Mini travel clothes line.  For hanging towels or wet clothes.
  • Flip flops for the showers.  No-one wants to step out of the shower and have instantly muddy feet again, and in fact making the kids wear them in the shower too will avoid dreaded veruccas.
  • Hair and body wash.  You don't want to take endless soaps and shampoos with you.  Our Scrub All is perfect for camping trips, does everything with one bottle and has an easy to close pump to avoid leaks!
  • Deodorant!  Stinky tweens who don't want to wash inside a tent?  No thank you!  Stick our first deodorant, Pit Stop, into their wash bag.
  • Ikea bags are our go to for kids suitcases, they can find everything themselves in them and it helps them keep their stuff together...and you sane!

We hope you find this helpful, we'd love to hear what you have found invaluable on your camping trips with kids and we always LOVE to see your camping adventures so don't forget to tag us on social and we might even feature you on our feed.  HAVE FUN!

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