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Eat, Play, Scrub

Posted by Emma Cranstoun on

Here at the Emporium of Clean, we want to make parents lives easier. Our Magically Foaming bath time products have been designed to empower children to become independent in the bathroom, making bath time stress free for kids and grown ups alike.

If we can make bath time less challenging, what about dinner time? We know that parents care as much about what they feed their children as what they put on their skin, so how do you find healthy meals that all the family will enjoy?

Cooking for children can sometimes make you tear your hair out. When you manage to remember that Child 1 likes grated cheese, whilst Child 2 will only eat their cheese melted, up pops a friend on a playdate who won’t eat cheese at all and you are back to scouring the cupboards for a meal that everyone can enjoy.

Preparing a meal that the whole family will love is made easier when you include everyone’s favourite ingredient, pesto. This kitchen essential can transform all manner of dishes into kid-approved meals in minutes. Ingredients that they would normally turn their noses up at, become their new favourite dinner when a spoonful of pesto is added.

We asked the pesto experts at Sacla’ to share their secrets with us for our new campaign: Eat, Play, Scrub.

Professor Scrubbington’s and Sacla’ are proud to bring you the ultimate guide to fun in the kitchen with healthy recipes for your family to enjoy together, inspiring STEM experiments to get your children thinking and learning and some useful tips to encourage your little soap dodgers to scrub themselves clean.

Get ready to Eat, Play, Scrub with Professor Scrubbington’s and Sacla’

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