There is no doubt our kids have been living through an extra ordinary time.  Whilst some children will have relished extra time at home during lockdown, we know that many others were left feeling unhappy and worried 

Coming back to school after months away during lockdown may have left some kids lacking in confidence in their abilities at school, feeling they need to catch up with peers and concerned about whether they still will have the same friendships.  Those about to apply for “big school” may feel underprepared for the next stage and moving on, forming new friend groups and fitting in.  

We all want to guide our kids to help them feel confident in their abilities and positive about their future, especially at the moment, but how can we as parents and carers help our kids to feel empowered, confident and resilient?

We have a few ideas:

Encourage them to make choices

It can be as simple as letting them choose what to wear.  Sure you might end up going for a walk with a kid dressed like the inside of a fancy dress shop, but that’s ok!  If they love the way they look, then go with it.

Three children walking down a street, they are dressed as superheroes and the older two are looking back at the younger child

Encourage self-care

As kids grow up and their bodies start to change they will need to take responsibility for their own cleanliness to keep them fresh and confident. You can start this early by letting them wash themselves as much as possible.  Our range of bath time products for children have been designed to empower kids to take charge of their own bath time with easy to use hand pumps and foam which sticks to the fingers rather than ending up down the plughole and built in pong-preventers to keep them smelling sweet. Leave the baby wash behind and get them their own big kid products, including our Pit Stop first deodorant for kids.

Young girl washing her hair


Encourage them to speak up for themselves

Playground conflicts are common in kids and as parents and teachers we can’t be everywhere all the time. Teach children to be confident to stand up for themselves and speak out if there is a problem.  You can do this by giving them opportunities to speak their mind at home, show them their opinions are valid by listening to what they say and most of all, let them get it wrong sometimes too.  There is so much to be learnt from the occasional failure

Two parents are listening to their child.  The child is sitting on a parents lap


Encourage good hand hygiene

Your kids are all experts now at washing their hands.  The global pandemic that is Covid-19 has drummed that importance into a generation of school children, but when we heard reports of kids with sore and cracked hands because of the use of harsh soaps and sanitisers we worried that kids would be put off keeping their hands clean and safe.  We hope that our gentle hand soap and new alcohol free hand sanitiser will empower kids to keep themselves safe at home and school.  


Encourage them to be their own superhero

All kids worry at some point about fitting in and whether their friends like them as they are.  Help them banish Kid Doubt by getting them a copy of Matthew Syed’s new book Dare to Be You, the brilliant follow-up to You Are Awesome. Dare to Be You is a practical and positive handbook that empowers young readers to follow their own path, love what makes them different and shows them that there’s no such thing as ‘normal’. It’s full of inspiring real-life examples, such as Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai and full of hilarious anecdotes about Matthew’s life as a kid. 

Book.  Dare to be You by Matthew Syed

Encourage adventurous play

Adventurous play helps a child build confidence and gives their self-esteem a nice, healthy boost. So let them figure out if having a go on the rope swing is a good idea. Children learn to assess risks by taking risks and ok, this might lead to skinned knees and muddy bottoms but this trial and error helps them learn to judge what is risky and what is dangerous.



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