First Aid Advice for Cuts and Grazes

First Aid Advice for Cuts and Grazes

First Aid Advice for Cuts and Grazes

Children will always have bumps and scrapes. Our friends at Mini First Aid have shared their first aid advice for cuts & grazes.

Cuts and Grazes are rarely life threatening, but for little ones they can be very painful. Our nerve endings are just below the top layer of the skin so superficial cuts & grazes can really sting and often the cause of lots of tears for little ones.

For ALL bleeding we follow the same key guidelines.

Sit the injured child down.

Apply direct pressure to stop the blood flow – use something clean and absorbent to do this. If you have a dressing pad in your first aid kit that is perfect. You could also use anything clean and absorbent you have to hand. A clean nappy or item of clothing for example.

When bleeding has stopped, gently clean the wound using water and a clean pad. You can use a wipe from your first aid kit, but some may sting which may upset a child.  Apply a plaster if required for hygiene, make sure the child is not allergic to plasters and the plaster is hypoallergenic.

Keep an eye on any graze as it is healing, if the graze appears inflamed, red or weeping then seek medical advice

For more serious bleeding, continue to keep pressure applied, seek medical assistance and call 999 if necessary. 

Top Tips:

  • Keep a bottle of water with you when out and about to clean any cuts and grazes.
  • Carry a first aid kit with you.
  • And the best place to remove plasters….. in the bath!

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