Gardening Activities for Kids for National Children's Gardening Week

Gardening Activities for Kids for National Children's Gardening Week

Gardening Activities for Kids for National Children's Gardening Week

Today marks the start of National Children's Gardening Week and it's such a great opportunity to show your kids all the fun to be had in even the tiniest of gardens.

As you know we are big fans of getting kids outside and grubby, so here are a few of our favourite ideas for gardening fun with kids:


Plant some seeds

Planting seeds is an activity that all the family can enjoy with the added benefit of mud and veggies or flowers at the end!

If you don't have a seed tray you can easily use old egg boxes, toilet roll holders or plastic fruit punnets rescued from the recycling.

You will need some compost (see if you can find peat free compost for your planet loving kids) and a watering can or spray bottle.

Our favourite seeds to grow with kids are:

Sunflowers - surely the happiest of flowers

Nastursiums - flowers you can eat, how cool is that?

Runner beans - the bean poles they grow up make the best dens, plus very tasty eaten straight off the plant

Carrots - because they help you see in the dark of course!

Cress heads - cress seeds on some cotton wool in an egg shell.  Make sure you draw faces on them 😁

Cress heads.  Cress growing in egg shells. 

Paint some rocks

Painting stones and rocks is always fun, but make it into a great gardening activity by painting them as plant markers.

Just paint on a picture of the veggies or flowers you have planted to help you identify the seedlings.

You could also paint them like ladybirds or beetles and hide them in your flower beds for a scavenger hunt later.

 Rocks painted to look like strawberries

Build a bug hotel

Mini beasts are great for your garden.  They break down waste and help to pollinate plants and bug hotels are a brilliant way to encourage them.

You can use lots of things already in your garden such as bits of wood, moss, bamboo canes, twigs, old pots, wood chips and dry leaves.

Choose some firm ground and stack your different materials up leaving lots of little holes and space for bugs to make a cosy home.

The RSPB have some great instructions on how to make one here

You could even make a little sign so the bugs know your hotel is open for business.


Make a mud pie

All us grown ups have fond memories of making mud pies and encouraging our family to 'eat' them!  Now's the time to introduce your children to the delights of getting really muddy.

Here's our recipe:

Grab an old bowl or garden flower pot,

Add two cups of soil

Add water until its good and mud like.  

Get mixing, ideally with your hands (don't worry our Scrub Up hand & face foam for kids is excellent for getting all the mud off later)

Add in half a cup of small twigs, grass or chopped leaves.

Pat down the top until smooth

Decorate with some flower petals and leaves so it looks beautiful

Serve it up to your family!

Child making a mud pie

Enjoy an outdoor bath

After all that grub and mud you definitely don't want them in the house so there's only one thing for it.  A bath in the garden.

Fill up the paddling pool or an old baby bath with lots of warm water and some lovely cotton soft bubble bath and get scrubbing!

We recommend a few good pumps of our Scrub All hair and body foam to really get rid of all the grime.  It's got added pong preventors too so they are sure to smell delicious afterwards.




P.S National Children's Gardening Week supports the amazing Greenfingers charity, which is dedicated to providing magical gardens for children in hospices suffering from life limiting illnesses.

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