How to get to sleep: tips for kids and parents

How to get to sleep: tips for kids and parents

How to get to sleep: tips for kids and parents

Ah sleep, the most sought after commodity of the newborn parents!

We spend hours every year trying to get our babies, toddlers and older children to sleep, and we probably spend equally as long trying to get our teenagers to get out of bed.

We all know that sleep is super important for kids to develop and grow, as well as for their physical and mental wellbeing, but what to do when you have a baby or child who really struggles to fall asleep?

We have a few ideas...


Top Tips to help your kids fall asleep

Try to establish a good bedtime routine, this can help your kids body know that it's time to sleep.  Ideas can include:

  • A relaxing warm bath (which raises their body temperature and makes them feel sleepy).  Add a good squeeze of our award-winning cotton soft bubbles with no nasties to irritate the skin of the littlest or biggest kids in the house.
  • Dim the lights to help their bodies produce melatonin.
  • A story or some gentle music.
  • A meditation or relaxation technique such as a body scan or some calming breathing can help those kids that struggle a little to relax.

Create a sleep friendly bedtime space

  • Discourage eating in bed (scratchy crumbs don't encourage a relaxing sleep).
  • Avoid screens including TV in the bedroom.
  • Dial back the teddies in bed if they are crowding your kid out.

Encourage them to go to sleep and wake up around the same time each day

  • Keeping to regular sleep and waking times, even on weekends encourages your body to expect that.

Banish bedtime fears.

  • Avoid scary stories or TV shows before bed, especially if your child has a great imagination.
  • Lie on their bed and check for things that could look scary in the dark - dressing gowns on the back of the door etc.
  • Keep the door open.

Check the temperature

  • Too hot or too cold doesn't make it easy to fall asleep.  So keeping radiators turned down at night, or adding an extra blanket, can make all the difference.


Goodnight, sweet dreams!

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