How to tackle Blackheads & Acne with your children and tweens

How to tackle Blackheads & Acne with your children and tweens

How to tackle Blackheads & Acne with your children and tweens

👀 👀 Let's talk about Blackheads & Acne 👀 👀  

During puberty, a rise in hormones can make children and tweens' skin and hair oily, contributing to clogged pores and acne.  Acne, a common skin problem in children, teens and adults, can be embarrassing and distressing for some children and although there are many products designed to help with the problem on the market, these often contain harsh ingredients that can further irritate sensitive and young skin.   

Whilst we are not, and never set out to be, an acne-targeting brand our 98% natural and gentle formulation has received praise time and time again from happy customers who have said how much our Scrub Up Hand & Face Wash has helped with all sorts of skin issues including sensitive, eczema prone and oily skin.  

Here are some top tips we think may help when dealing with early acne and blackheads:-

🧼 Get them in the habit of gently washing their face twice a day using a gentle formulation product  that won't irritate or strip their skin of the essential oils they need - avoiding those containing retinoids for example.  Over-washing can actually further irritate the skin making the skin feel uncomfortable and worse than before! 

💦 Make sure they use lukewarm water - if too hot or too cold it could dry out the skin further causing discomfort.

❌ Never, EVER pick or squeeze ... this runs the risk of scarring and introducing additional bacteria!

🚿 Washing their hair regularly and getting them to avoid letting it fall across their face can help by keeping excess oil in check and away from their skin.  Our Scrub All 3-in-1 is also 98% natural with a gentle formulation. 

💦 Try to use a water based product rather than an oil based one.  Non-comodogenic products are less pore-blocking and if pores aren't blocked there is less chance of blackheads etc forming.  All our products are water based with no SLS, parabens or artificial colourants.  

✅ Tell them that acne, pimples, blackheads etc are all signs they are growing up and is totally NORMAL.  If they experience this much sooner than their friends try to reassure them that most children will have a spot or two at some time!  

Good luck!  

And do let us know your top tips if you have any in the comments below!

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