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Let's Get Active

Posted by Emma Cranstoun on

This year we are on a mission to get you to try a new sport with your kids. Here at Scrubbington’s we want kids to get fit, active and healthy whilst also having fun and learning to be independent. Physical activity should not be a chore so find activities you enjoy as a family or get the kids involved in a new activity to build confidence. As children grow up they can use these skills to get involved in team sports or community groups.

Recent research (The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance) comparing 38 countries placed England, Scotland and Wales amongst the worst for physical activity. The study also showed that while activity levels among teenage girls have remained unchanged the percentage of boys doing an hour’s daily exercise has dropped by 6% in two years.

A 2016 study by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom found preschool children are now spending an average of more than 4 hours a day looking at screens. Among 5-15 year olds the figure rises to an alarming 5.5 hours. The best performing countries were New Zealand, Slovenia and South Africa where the average moderate to vigorous activity daily was over one hour.

On the 25th January a new health and wellbeing programme led by Premier Sport supported by #Sally Gunnell was launched which will give parents the chance to attend fitness classes at their child’s school while giving them fitness and health tips.

Studies (www.sportengland.org/activelivesjan2017) show that exercise makes you happier and leads to healthy habits for life. January is a great time to get those resolutions started. Here’s our top tips for getting active this year.

  1. Try a Parkrun. @parkrun organises 2k timed runs for children is free! Visit parkrun.org.uk for more information. Once children reach a certain age (year 6/7) you can encourage them to go for short runs on their own. Great for independence.
  2. Why not attend @GoFest – the biggest family festival of sport and dance in June 2017
  3. Take up a new sport :

Children’s rugby is on the increase with local clubs being set up all round the country visit trytimekidsrugby.com

Parkour has just been recognised as a sport follow #GiveParkourAGo or visit sportengland.org

Climbing could be the new fitness craze as climbing walls spring up around the country

Just take a walk and check out the wildlife visit wildlifewatch.org.uk for ideas

Kidrated.com is brilliant for active days out or to inspire you to take up new activities like skate boarding and trampolining.

  1. Make fitness a family affair – why not agree on a prize that everyone wants to win, each child comes up with a fitness task for everyone to do each day (10 jumping jacks, 5 flights of stairs, 2 push ups).
  2. Put a time in the diary to try a new activity each week, a swim, a walk to collect leaves and rocks or a family bike ride
  3. Book in those swimming lessons now – it’s the nation’s most popular sport and could save your life too
  4. Go ‘old school’ and have a family Olympics day, play hide and seek, catch, stuck in the mud or bull dog
  5. Try indoor skydiving/bodyflying for a shot of adrenaline visit @iFlyUK
  6. Join a football club or just have a kick around in the park
  7. Take up cycling which will improve the kid’s fitness levels and will make them feel independent. Visit org.uk to learn more about family friendly cycle routes

Why not share a photo of your family trying a new sport or activity and win a box of our magically foaming products. Tag us @ProfScrub with the hashtag #ScrubTheMud.

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