Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Story

Our Sustainability Story

Want to know why being sustainable is important to us?  Read on:

My Mum was recycling before it was even a thing, I vividly remember her saving up all of our glass, loading it into the basket of her bike and then precariously wobbling along the road to the local recycling bank. Her dedication to this must have rubbed off on me (and my brother who ended up working for Greenpeace) as protecting our planet and being more sustainable is at the heart of what we believe in at Scrubbingtons. 

Plastic is not so fantastic

The toiletries aisle is chock full of plastic and although retailers are talking about taking plastic out of the supply chain, from our experience they aren’t making it happen fast enough and they aren’t incentivising their buyers which means they aren’t motivated to do it. 


What about recycled plastic?

We switched to using 50% recycled plastic in our bottles as it just seemed like the right thing to do, yes it costs more but we can’t keep producing virgin plastic when there are other alternatives available. Lots of brands are buying recycled plastic now which is great, but means there is a shortage which is why we can’t get to 100% recycled plastic yet – we’re too small to have the buying power – but it’s always something we are striving for. 


Refilling is the future!

We’re so excited by how much our customers love our refill pouches – our Hand & Face Wash refill pouch is one of our best sellers out of all of our products. We’ve been working on a refill option for our Bubble bath too, but it’s not been straightforward. We’ve found an option but the minimum order quantity is 50,000 which we can’t afford at the moment, we’re saving up as it’s really important to us to make this happen. It’s frustrating as a small business that we can’t get everything right straightaway but it’s small brands that make the changes so we’re determined that we will get there. And if we don’t my kids (and my Mum!) will nag me until it happens! 


Emma x

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