Our Top Tips for Messy Play

Our Top Tips for Messy Play

Our Top Tips for Messy Play

Some great ideas for messy play


It won't surprise you to learn that at Scrubbingtons HQ we are big fans of messy play!  Our own kids might be a bit more grown up now but they still love getting mucky.

Messy play is not only awesome for developing kid's fine motor skills it's also super important for the imagination, creativity and encouraging their natural curiosity.

If you want your kids to enjoy all this but aren't sure where to start then how about a few of these ideas?


Try finger painting

Take a big piece of paper outside in the sunshine, fill a tray with a few different colours of washable poster paint and let the kids experiment with mixing different colours.


Toy hunt

Fill a washing up bowl with some sticky gooey mud (soil and a bit of water).  Hide a few small plastic figures in there and let them hunt for them.


Jelly squishing

What's even better than getting messy?  When you can eat it too!  Make a big bowl of jelly and let the kids eat it with their fingers!! Yum.  This is probably an outside activity, you have been warned 😬


Finger-sticking Foam

When you want the kids to wash up at the end, grab a bottle of our Scrub Up hand & face foam and a washing up bowl.  Go overboard with the foam and let them squish it and lob it to their hearts content.  When they are done, grab a jug of water, pour some in the bowl and splish, splash, splosh their hands are clean as a whistle!!

We've taken 25% off our bottles of Scrub Up Hand and Face foam until midnight on the 30th June 2021.  You can buy a single bottle here or if your kids are really grubby grab a trio of bottles here, both with 25% off!

Have fun.






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