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Plastic is not Fantastic

Posted by Emma Cranstoun on

Last week I went to the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair in London to look for new suppliers to help us develop our new product ideas and also to find a replacement for some of our current plastic packaging.

Reducing the use of plastic we all use is vitally important, even my kids know to reject plastic straws and my daughter (age 9) told me the horrifying fact that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Protecting our children and the planet that they live in is a central part of the Scrubbington’s brand and so reducing the amount of plastic we need to use in our products is something that we are always thinking about.

I was astounded to visit the fair and see that the majority of suppliers were still pushing the same old plastic bottles, jars and caps that I’ve seen before. The stands that were overrun with visitors were those that were showing recycled plastic bottles, or bottles made from sugar-cane and other more sustainable resources. I challenged one of the plastic suppliers I was talking to to ask where their sustainable/non plastic bottles were and he said ‘Yes, it’s a problem for us, we’ll have to find a way around it’. It’s precisely these attitudes that mean the solutions aren’t coming fast enough. There is no ‘way around it’, businesses need to fundamentally change and embrace the opportunities and innovation that consumers are demanding.

As a small brand, our issue is that the cost of 100% recycled packaging is significantly more expensive but we’re hopeful these costs will come down and we’ll do it anyway. We’re looking at re-fillable packs that are wholly recyclable and means that you can use our great foamy packaging multiple times. We’re searching far and wide for new ideas that can use paper, aluminium and other more easily recycled materials.  

 We remain absolutely committed to reducing the amount of plastic in Scrubbington’s.

For our children’s future.



Scrubbington's Co-Founder

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