Children playing outside in winter.  Three young children running through leaves on the ground

Play Outdoors In Winter

Play Outdoors In Winter

Science has proven the mental and physical benefits to spending time outdoors and we need that more than ever in the depths of winter and especially this year. So, to boost the mood and immune system of the whole family this winter, wrap the kids up warm and try one of these cold weather activities.

Don’t worry, we know that outdoor play comes with plenty of mud, squelch and splat at this time of the year, but with Scrubbington’s range of bath time products for children, your young explorers will be empowered to scrub themselves clean at the end of a good day’s play.

Build an outdoor kitchen

Whilst we may dream of snow in winter, what we usually get is mud! Use that glorious squelchy stuff at play time by building an outdoor kitchen, perfect for rustling up mud pies.

Your mud kitchen can be as simple as a plank of wood balanced on bricks to make a work surface and a variety of old saucepans for ‘cooking’, or you can be more ambitious. There are some great ideas on Pinterest and instructions for creating a pallet kitchen here.


Make a bird feeder

Food and shelter is scarce at this time of the year for our little feathered friends, so why not give them a helping hand with this simple bird feeder. Using just string, sticks, fruit and seeds, it’s easy for small hands to master and once completed will make your garden a prime birdwatching spot.

Cbeebies has easy to follow instructions here

copyright: CBeebies


Become a weather reporter

Winter in the UK usually means rain (and lots of it). Why not try making rain gauge and keeping a rain diary to see if your town really is the wettest in the world or if it just feels like it is!

The Met Office have a simple rain gauge here



 Race paper boats

The one good thing about a wet winter is that you don’t need a riverside address to have a boat race. Get the whole family to make and decorate their own paper boat, once your flotilla is ready, race them in rainy gutters or new streams created by the rain, or even in a big puddle.

For simple paper boat instructions, click here


Go Star Gazing

Take advantage of the darker evenings, wrap up warm and head outside on a clear night to go stargazing. There are some kid friendly apps, like Night Sky or Star Chart to get children interested in outer space by offering easy star identification. The best nights for star gazing will invariably by the chilliest, so make the evening more fun by promising a Cotton Soft bubble bath and a hot chocolate for when fingers and toes become too frozen.

Set up a water slide

Think water slides are just for the summer? Think again! Prepare to get very muddy by setting up a garden water slide on a rainy day.

Just follow the instructions for setting up a summer water slide here, but instead of using a hose, let the rain do all of the hard work. Get your kids to wear waterproof all-in-ones to make them even slippier. They will shoot across the garden like a rocket, so remember to make sure they plenty of space to stop!


Build a hedgehog house

Sadly, hedgehogs are becoming a rare sight. We need to do everything we can to encourage them to visit our gardens, where they help by eating all those squishy slugs.

Making them a warm and comfy hedgehog house will make your garden more attractive to any passing prickly visitor, just don’t expect to get new tenants straight away, as hedgehogs will be in hibernation until Spring.

Muddy Puddles have a simple hedgehog house here


 Hopefully, these activities have inspired you to come up with your own winter outdoor play ideas and the only problem you now have is persuading your children to come indoors again!

When all that outdoor play has left rosy cheeks, pink noses, tingly toes and grubby fingers on your fearless fun seekers, fill up a warming bath with fabulous foam or Cotton Soft bubbles using our Foam-tastic range of bath time products for children and scrub the day away.

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