We recently launched a brand new refill pouch for Bug Off hand sanitiser into our line of products.  As today marks the start of #PlasticFreeJuly we had planned a blog to tell you all about the benefits of refill pouches.  How they offer a WHOPPING 78-82% saving on plastic, but also save water and energy too.  How our pouches are 100% recyclable.  We hoped to persuade some of our customers to make the switch.

But in June 2020, to celebrate the launch of our first refill pouches of Scrub Up and Scrub All, we asked our social media followers to tell us why they needed a refill pouch in their lives.  It turns out that you lot don’t need ANY persuading at all.  Here are a few of your comments, can you recognise yours?:

I get moaned at by my son if I buy plastic bottles of anything! He helps me do the hand wash refills of yours. I get a thumbs up for getting them.

During lockdown it is amazing how much soap we are getting through, and refills are so much better for the environment

Our new years resolution was to cut our use of single use plastics down and to start recycling more. With a refill pack this helps us stick to our target. We have already switched to lots of more eco friendly reusable products.

I like to be eco-friendly and prefer to buy refills than new packaged goods and I LOVE Scrubbingtons

I need a squeaky clean family without wrecking the planet.

It's so important to teach our little ones the importance of recycling & looking after our earth...instilled in childhood it will become second nature

Here are a few other ways we are reducing waste and trying to be more conscious as a company:

Our bottles, which we hope you will reuse again and again now that we have THREE refill pouches to choose from, are also made from 50% recycled plastic.  We are working hard to get to the point where they can be made of 100% recycled plastic but at the moment there isn’t enough recycled plastic in the UK to buy. So we all need to recycle at home as much as we can. We design all our packaging for maximum recyclability and think really hard about the materials we use in everything, from the boxes we pack in, the labels we use and the postcards we write!

Shop our new refill pouches here and make the switch to REUSE

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