Now the weather is heating up ... Should you choose a Deodorant or Anti-perspirant for your children?

Now the weather is heating up ... Should you choose a Deodorant or Anti-perspirant for your children?

Now the weather is heating up ... Should you choose a Deodorant or Anti-perspirant for your children?

The Story behind Scrubbingtons Deodorant for Kids

Before we launched Scrubbingtons we ran some research groups to better understand what parents wanted from a kids toiletries brand. We got loads of great ideas and a couple of parents came to find us afterwards to ask if we had considered developing a kids deodorant. It was almost like it was a shameful conversation to admit that their tween aged kids were starting to smell, but definitely something we could relate to with stinky 9 year olds ourselves! 
So we added Deodorant into our innovation plan and Pit Stop was born. We spent a long time thinking about what kind of deodorant we wanted to develop but we knew it had to be: 

🌱 As natural as possible
❌ Aluminium Free
❌ Alcohol Free
😌 Easy for Kids to Use
👫 Unisex
🌿 With a Fresh Smell

Should you choose a Deodorant or Anti-perspirant to use on kids?

We didn’t like the idea of an anti-perspirant as this stops sweat from forming which we don’t think is right for young, active kids. They need to sweat to cool down but they don’t need to smell at the same time! Most anti-perspirants use aluminium compounds to block sweat by creating a gel like substance that plugs up sweat ducts in the skin, temporarily blocking the ability of sweat to reach the skin’s surface. and there are conflicting views as to the safety of aluminium use in anti-perspirants. It has previously been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, and some research shows that aluminium can build up in your body, so all in all it’s something we’d rather avoid!

Sweat itself doesn’t smell bad, it’s when it mixes with bacteria on the skin that it starts to get pongy - damp, warm armpits are the perfect place for bacteria to gather. That’s why regular washing and teaching kids to wash underneath their arms is important. We’re often heard yelling into the bathroom ‘Wash your pits and bits!’

Why should you choose Scrubbingtons Pit Stop Deodorant for Kids?

We’ve developed our deodorant for kids to be:

✅ Suitable for Kids Sensitive Skin
🌱 98% natural ingredients
🌿 Fresh 'cut grass' scent
❌ No aluminium or alcohol 
😌 Roll-on – easier for kids to use themselves
♻️ Bottles are fully recyclable and made from 50% recycled plastic
❌ Not tested on animals

We’re so happy that our kids natural deodorant is one of our best selling products here at Scrubbingtons – all the research we did was right – Deodorant is definitely better for kids than anti-perspirant, let them sweat naturally without the pong! 

If you'd like your kids to try our gentle deodorant then get yours here.

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