We've teamed up with our friends at Altruist Sunscreen to help keep kids safe as they play in the sun this Summer!


We want more children to ‘protect and play then wash it away’ 👉 Wear more sunscreen, more often - feel safer playing outdoors - and then make it more FUN to wash-off all that SPF with Scrubbington’s FOAMTASTIC washing solutions!  



By Altruist Sunscreen Founder, Dr Andrew Birnie a Consultant Dermatologist specialising in skin cancer and sun protection


The key thing to think about when thinking about keeping kids safe in the sun is when the sun is strongest.  If you can avoid children going out between 11am and 3pm,  that will hugely reduce the risk as the ultraviolet strength is much stronger at that time.  Even though it might feel warmer at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the actual UV is much less because the sun is not as high in the sky.


Key things to think about when they are out:

  • Sunscreen shouldn’t be the only thing you are using to protect them -  hats, sunglasses and clothing are equally important

  • If you’re on the beach, using beachwear that is protective is so much easier than having them running in and out of the sea and having to have sunscreen reapplied.

  • Try to encourage them to be in the shade, of course, that’s not always possible, so wearing sunscreen is really important here.  You need to put sunscreen on well before going out, particularly if you’re going to do activities that will make you sweat.  This way it will sink into the skin better and protect you more.  And always remember to reapply regularly.


How often should I reapply to keep my child safe? 

Our recommendation would be every 2 – 3 hours, it depends on where they are and what they are doing but the gold standard would be that. Sunscreen should always be reapplied to dry skin after swimming/toweling,  irrespective of the 2-3 hour advice.


How long can they play out in the sun?

Ultimately there shouldn’t really be a limit as long as the sunscreen is high quality and ideally high factor – if it’s going to be all day you probably want SPF 50, and you’ll want to reapply every couple of hours, particularly if they are sweating.  If they can avoid peak times that’s a good idea, so maybe encourage them to come in for some lunch and a little break. 


Is sunscreen safe for children of all ages?

We advise children under 12 months not to go in the sun.  This is for a variety of reasons. 

One is that their skin is much more sensitive and delicate and any damage is more likely to be stored up for the future. This is because the skin barrier in babies is not intact completely at that age – things that go on to the surface of it, are more likely to be absorbed, like chemicals.  


Epidemiological studies have shown there is not a great deal of harm in using sunscreen regularly.  If you have no choice and your baby is going to be in the sun, it’s better to apply sunscreen than not, so they don’t get burnt.  We do know for a fact that if you get burnt in your younger years, you are at a much higher risk of developing melanoma.


Difference between a sun cream and a sun spray and which is best?

I prefer a sun cream, you can see exactly where it has gone on and you can apply it quite thickly and easily and it’s moisturising as well.  

Sun sprays come out as an aerosol spraying them on to the body. If you’ve ever sprayed a paint spray you’ll know it doesn’t cover uniformly there are little gaps left with little dots of aerosol so you need to do several coats to give full coverage.   

So if you are spraying it’s important to do many coats and then rub it in.  People wonder if you can spray directly on to the face. You can’t and shouldn’t.  The reason is 1. it might go in the eyes and 2. the ingredients are not tested safe for inhalation and it could go into your lungs.


What is the difference between kid's sunscreen and adult sunscreen? 

The difference is probably branding.  You might find that the kid's sunscreen, if it’s a particularly good quality, might have slightly fewer ingredients in or maybe different preservatives that are thought to be safer, but realistically it’s just marketing 


Is sunscreen ok to wear in the sea?

When swimming in the sea the key thing is to wear a UV suit, rash vest or wetsuit so you’ll make less impact on the environment (Altruist is ‘reef safe’) and run less risk of getting burnt yourself.


How protected would my child be around water e.g. swimming

Water resistance is one of those difficult areas in sunscreen labeling and for the industry. A sunscreen when it’s regarded as water resistant, won’t give the same level of protection as it would if you were not in the water.  So my advice to anyone that is going to swim is to apply sunscreen well before going in the water, at least 20 minutes, to give the best chance of it sinking into the skin and not washing off so easily.

The other thing would be to think about wearing a rash vest when you’re out swimming to protect your back a lot more.  

If you are swimming, come out and dry yourself off and reapply sunscreen.  Don’t rely on the sunscreen to be doing the job the whole time.  Having said that, do still put sunscreen on if you’re going in the water as water does reflect the light and you’ll get much more UV exposure, particularly on the bits that are exposed on the surface.


Is sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin, those with eczema and other conditions?

With all sunscreens, some will be irritant and some won’t if you’re sensitive. It comes down to finding one that works for you.  

The best way to do this is to test on a small area on the inside of your arm.  Put a small amount on, rub it in and mark it, perhaps draw a marker pen around it.  It’s also a good idea to have a control comparison, so something you know isn’t going to irritate you, maybe a bit of Vaseline – if you react to the Vaseline then it implies that you are reacting to rubbing your skin rather than what you are putting on it.

Leave it on for 48 hours to see whether you develop a reaction, if you don’t you’ll probably be ok.  If you have eczema your skin barrier isn’t as intact so there is a small risk you’ll absorb a little bit more, but it comes down to finding something that will work for you.


What are the dangers of kids being in the sun too long or getting burnt? 

There are two important aspects to this – the first is getting burnt, something I would absolutely advise against.  

Even one or two incidents of getting burnt will increase your risk of getting melanoma when you’re older.

The second factor is the cumulative dose of UV that you’ll get.  If you’re out in the sun a lot you gradually build up the UV damage and as you get older, this can increase your chances of looking old and wrinkly and it can also massively increase your risk of developing other types of skin cancer.


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