Talking to Tweens about Body Odour

Talking to Tweens about Body Odour

Talking to Tweens about Body Odour

Is it normal for children to have body odour?

Body odour in children and tweens is a normal sign of puberty and can affect kids as young as 8 or 9. While most kids start developing body odour as they approach their teenage years, it’s normal for some children younger than this to develop body odour after physical activities. 

Talking to tweens about changes in their body can be awkward and embarrassing for kids and parents alike, but that's no reason to avoid it.⁠  From knowing when your tween should start wearing deodorant, to encouraging your kids to take a shower regularly, we have a few tips which we hope will help:

How to talk to your tween about body odour - our top tips:

Normalise it.

If you are a bit whiffy sometimes, then mention it. Kids hearing their parents talk about needing to have a wash or put some deodorant will lessen any embarrassment they might feel about their own body odour. The same goes for talking about puberty changes, do it often and early.⁠

Respect their privacy.

It goes without saying this is not a conversation to have with them at the school gate in front of their friends, but also be sensitive about talking about it in front of their siblings.⁠

Choose gentle products.

Some deodorants can contain harsh chemicals to combat the whiff and there's nothing like an itchy pit to put a kid off wearing deodorant. Make sure you choose something gentle, natural and aluminium free like our Pit Stop first deodorant.   

Make regular washing a habit.

When they were babies most of us bathed our kids everynight and that's a good habit to stick to. Start them out washing their armpits from a young age and they will eventually do it automatically.⁠  Try an easy to use kids body wash for the shower, such as our Scrub All 3-in-1 shampoo.

Looking for more advice?

Head to our blog Teaching Personal Hygiene: ⁠How to get Tweens to WASH and not fear body odour! to read more or check out our products suitable for tweens here.

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