Teaching Personal Hygiene: ⁠How to get Tweens to WASH and not fear body odour!

Teaching Personal Hygiene: ⁠How to get Tweens to WASH and not fear body odour!

Teaching Personal Hygiene: ⁠How to get Tweens to WASH and not fear body odour!

Once your kids hit the tween years you might feel like the hard graft of the early years is all behind you. Well now you have a whole new series of battles to deal with!  As a little person their hygiene was up to you, but now they are older will they tolerate a parent brushing their teeth or washing their pits for them?  Unlikely!

Unfortunately good personal hygiene is not at the top of every tween's list of really fun stuff to do! In fact the more you nag the more it can turn into a power struggle as they start to assert their independence. Is this sounding familiar?

Luckily we have a few tips to encourage your hardened shower swervers to take a wash:

How to encourage your tween to shower - our top tips:

🗣 Talk to them about the changes that might be starting to happen in their bodies. Explain that skin gets oilier and sweat glands become more active as they start to head towards puberty.

☀️🌙 Give them a choice. Let them choose whether to shower in the morning or evening. Let them choose their own products too or get them ones that are only for them such as their own deodorant that’s suitable for tweens.

⭐️ Bring back the star chart! Get them to work towards a reward with some good personal hygiene. Stars every time they brush their teeth or have a shower and a full chart at the end of the week means prizes.

⏳ Make it short! Quick showers save water so they don't have to be in there for ages. Choose a 3 in 1 product like our Scrub All and they can wash their hair and body with just a few squirts of foam and then get back to the Xbox/Telly/Wrestling with siblings.

Why not 'Make it Personal'!  We have a great range of personalised accessories including towels and bathrobes to dry off with after they've scrubbed themselves clean AND our 200ml Scrub All bottles (as well as 200ml Bug Off and Scrub Up bottles) have the option to add a personalised name label.

We have some great bundles and multipacks containing our Scrub All 3-in-1 and Pit Stop deodorant including everything they need to stay clean and sweet smelling.  

Head to our blog to read more about knowing how to talk to your tween about body odour without any embarrassment! 

    Good Luck!  And let us know if you have any top tips to share too!  



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