The 15 Minute Happy Challenge

The 15 Minute Happy Challenge

The 15 Minute Happy Challenge

With increasingly structured lives, our children spend less and less time in free play and the rise in digital devices means that spare time is spent online. It is also true that mental health problems have increased significantly in young children in recent years.

What if by unplugging for fifteen minutes a day, you could recharge your children’s happiness?

When you look back on your childhood, what is it that you remember? Chances are your childhood memories are a jumbled film reel of playing out with your friends, exploring without limits and endless summer evenings. Where the only structured activities were Brownies or Cubs and the only screens you watched was a half hour of Blue Peter or if you were lucky, an hour on a Saturday morning.

Even with the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia, it is true that children’s lives have become increasingly structured in a way that just was not the case twenty or thirty years ago. Our memories of playing outside without parental supervision are not ones that our children will experience. They will never know the creativity that can arise from boredom when they can press a button for instant entertainment.

The rise of after school activities, increased academic pressures in schools and the entrancing lure of screens are leading to the loss of free play and an increase in stress and anxiety in our children. The promise of better academic achievement might be robbing our children of the critical skills they need for success. 

Technology will undoubtedly give our children advantages beyond our imaginings, but a reliance on digital devices for entertainment will deprive them of other experiences that are just as valuable.

We believe that by taking just fifteen minutes a day to unplug children (and their parents) from their busy lives, we can reconnect them with their minds and bodies and recharge their health and happiness.

If you’d like to Unplug To Recharge your family and take the 15 Minute Happy challenge, you can get started right here!

The 15 Minute Happy Challenge

15 Minute Happy challenges your family to spend a quarter of an hour a day in 15 activities designed to get children thinking, moving and doing. From cloud-busting to creative writing and parkour to poetry, all activities will reconnect children with their minds, bodies and the world around them

If you are ready to Unplug to Recharge your family now, you can download our 15 Minute Happy Challenge activity sheet and follow our Instagram accounts where over the next six weeks we will be sharing tips on each challenge with some very special guest contributors and all round Happiness Experts.

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