Vitamin N for NATURE

Vitamin N for NATURE

Vitamin N for NATURE

There is no doubt that our children are living through an extraordinary time in history.  


None of us could have predicted at the start of the year that our lives would be so radically altered by now. Our children have had to isolate from friends and loved ones, some didn’t see their school friends or teachers for months.


We’ve always been huge fans of getting kids outside in nature, having adventures and getting mucky in the process and now, with most of our kids having had to spend time learning from a screen, that’s more important than ever.


Here are a few reasons why:

Being cooped up inside for months with the same people can lead to frayed tempers, but research has found that when kids spend time in nature it can really help to reduce angry feelings and also help with impulse control.

Time spent in nature has been shown to reduce stress and depression for children and adults, and really helps with focus.

Playing and learning outside helps kids develop really important motor skills, digging in the dirt and using twigs and small stones to play helps to develop those small hand muscles that are critical for writing and drawing. Climbing trees and balancing on logs helps to develop the big muscles in children’s legs and arms - especially important when you’ve missed a term and a half of PE!


We also know that besides the obvious physical benefits, being outside in nature can positively impact your immune system - something all of us want when living through a pandemic.


The natural world is a huge playground for kids to develop their creativity in too, and it’s FREE! A stick is very quickly a horse or magic wand, a circle of leaves is the perfect crown, logs become stages, and of course, there is a whole world of minibeasts to discover.  This type of creative play is so important for the developing brain, as well as being fun.


We could go on and on, but we are pretty sure you don’t need any more convincing.


 Of course, we are still living in a pandemic but we don’t want kids to stop having loads of muddy laughs and adventures for fear of getting grubby.  Washing your hands well is still the best way to get rid of any nasty bugs and germs and we know your kids are all experts hand washers by now.

 Our FOAMTASTIC products make keeping clean a whole lot more fun and FUN is what all our kids need right now.  Finger-sticking foam makes hand washing easier for everyone, our 3 in 1 Scrub All means they can be in and out of the shower in minutes, and there’s nothing like a super bubbly bath with extra soft bubbles and the end of the day to calm it all down (or making excellent bubble beards, whichever you prefer)

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So, here's to time spent outdoors, on beaches, up trees and in fields, soaking up the sun and almost certainly a bit of rain.  We always want to hear ALL about your mucky, crazy, wild, muddy outdoor adventures so share your tales of mud, sand and FUN. Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram and use our hashtag #RealKidsGetMuddy and we might choose your image to feature on our social media feeds!



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