What age should my child start wearing deodorant?

What age should my child start wearing deodorant?

What age should my child start wearing deodorant?

Nearly every parent expects their child to start wearing deodorant by their teenage years or around the time they start at secondary school. But some children start smelling a bit whiffy at a much younger age. It’s not uncommon for a parent to start thinking about deodorant as early as 8 or 9 years old.

There’s no normal age for a child to start using deodorant, if you or your kids aren’t bothered about the pong then there’s no need to start using a deo product. However, if your child becomes aware of the smell and if it affects their confidence then it might be worth introducing them to a product that’s natural, safe and easy for them to use themselves.  Each parent and child has to make a decision together based on what they feel is best.

Scubbington's Pit Stop First Deodorant

Finding the best natural and safe deodorant for kids

When we were researching initial Scrubbingtons product ideas in focus groups, parents would often take us to one side after we’d finished and ask us if we’d thought of doing a deodorant because their 8 year old was already starting to smell a bit after physical activities, and whilst they didn’t want them teased in the changing room, they equally didn’t feel comfortable handing them a can of ‘Lynx’.  

Finding a first roll-on deodorant that’s kind to young armpits, actually works and is suitable for tweens is tough. Emma our Co-Founder needed it for her son when he turned 9, and so we developed our 98% natural, aluminium free deodorant to help all those active kids who need a bit of help in the whiffy armpit area! Our deodorant is also chemical-free making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

We love this quote from a recent customer which sums up exactly why we do what we do!

“My 11 year old Stepson returned from being away stinking of Lynx Africa, I had an instant influx of teenage memories and felt like I couldn't get the chemical smell of it off me after the hug I gave him! We don't use spray at our house and try to use natural products wherever possible. I went straight online to purchase some natural roll on deodorant for him and found your website - hopefully this will work to save our home, his pits and my nostrils from further Lynx Africa assaults!! Thanks!”

If you think your child could benefit from using a deodorant, we’d love for you to try ours - Scrubbingtons Pit Stop Deodorant is 98% natural, suitable for sensitive skin, smells of fresh cut grass and contains no aluminium, alcohol or other nasties.
View all of our child-friendly deodorant products here

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