Why foaming toiletries are BRILLIANT for kids.

Why foaming toiletries are BRILLIANT for kids.

Why foaming toiletries are BRILLIANT for kids.

When we first created our products we knew that that our products had to make kids WANT to have a bath or shower and wash themselves. So, they had to be fun!

Foam isn't only fun though, there are heaps of reasons why we knew that foaming products should be a big part of what were making, here's a few:

🛁 Foam is FINGER-STICKING! It sticks to little hands and doesn't slide down the plughole like gel.  Perfect for making sure those hands are really squeaky clean.

🛁Foam gets to ALL the grimy spots. Kids can see where they are washing (and where they haven't) so they can make sure they get to all the grubby bits by themselves.

🛁 Foam lasts much much longer! Because it doesn't slip off the hands and because it offers much better coverage than gel it lasts way longer and so it's much less wasteful.

🛁 Foam uses way less water to lather up and to rinse.  Again, much less wasteful.  We don't like waste.

🛁 And of course, Foam is FUN! It is EXCELLENT for making bath time beards with and also brilliant for lobbing at your little brother or sister.

🛁 AND all of our foaming products can be refilled with our refill pouches so you can reuse our bottles again and again.  Extra foam, extra fun!

Because we love foam so much we've taken 10% off all our foaming products for the next 48 hours so you can all enjoy it too.  Just head over to our product page, choose your favourite foam and the offer will automatically apply at the checkout.

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