Why Kids Need Adventurous Play

Why Kids Need Adventurous Play

Why Kids Need Adventurous Play

Childhood is supposed to be a time of play, adventure and freedom, but when half of today’s kids are forbidden from climbing a tree, does it matter that we are raising a ‘cotton-wool’ generation?

Well, yes it does! Climbing trees, balancing on logs and swinging so high that they feel like they are flying are all teaching children some really important lessons that will help them on their way towards independence.

Independent kids are at the heart of what we do at Scrubbingtons. We developed washing solutions for kids with easy to use pump bottles, finger sticking foam and a gentle, natural formula to enable all kids to tackle bath time on their own. To make life even easier, you can now stock up on Scrubbingtons products at Tesco too, or shop our full product range directly from our website.

We know learning is better when there is play involved (that’s why we made our products so foam-tastic), so these are the five life lessons that adventurous play teaches kids.



I can do it!

Tackling the biggest, scariest climbing frame in the playground means facing fear head-on and when they get to the top without help, they will feel amazing! Adventurous play helps a child build confidence and gives their self-esteem a nice, healthy boost.


This is scary!

The feeling that a child gets when speeding down-hill in a go-kart or jumping on a rope swing teaches them how to emotionally regulate fear. This thrill of ‘almost’ danger will help them if they are ever involved in a dangerous situation for real.


That hurts!

Nothing teaches cause and effect like landing on your bum. Children learn to assess risks by taking risks and this invariably will lead to skinned knees and muddy bottoms. It is only by trial and error that they learn to judge what is risky and what is dangerous.


I can problem solve!

Getting separated from an adult is a thrill that children seek and parents fear. Hide and seek and unsupervised play within a safe environment teaches children to problem solve, which will reduce their fear and anxiety if they do get lost in a non-play scenario.


I am growing up!

By depriving children of the learning opportunities that adventurous and risky play offer, they become less resilient and able to cope with bumps in the road as they grow into teenagers and young adults. This can lead to mental health problems, like anxiety.


Embracing adventurous play doesn’t mean abandoning all natural parental caution, but allowing children to explore their limits within a ‘safe as necessary’ environment without removing all risk.



While they’re learning these valuable life lessons outdoors, there are some things we still need to protect our kids from, like UV damage. We’ve teamed up with our favourite quality, affordable, high SPF sun protection range, Altruist Sunscreen to give you these 5 simple safe-sun rules to help you protect your mini-adventurers when outside:

  1. Always keep kids covered up - brimmed hat, clothing, sunglasses
  2. Apply lots of broad spectrum, high SPF (SPF30+) 20 mins before they go outside
  3. Reapply every 2 hours - more if getting wet or towelling (apply again straight after)
  4. Avoid peak sun between 11am and 3pm
  5. Seek shade and wear UV protective clothing whenever possible


So this summer, let’s celebrate the bumps, embrace the risk-takers and let our kids get dirty, wet and enjoying their summer holiday freedom. 

Scrubbingtons will scrub those adventurers clean at the end of the day, but the life lessons and happy memories will last a lifetime. 



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