Let's not limit kids - why we don't make a 'pink one' and a 'blue one'.

Let's not limit kids - why we don't make a 'pink one' and a 'blue one'.

Let's not limit kids - why we don't make a 'pink one' and a 'blue one'.

How our packaging looks is pretty important to us.  


When Karen and I first started Scrubbingtons we looked at all the other products on the market – we had a big shelf of them in our office that we would regularly look at and review. We were really surprised at how many products have a ‘pink one’ and a ‘blue one’ or a pirate and a princess. 

It’s easy to dismiss the move towards more gender neutral kids products and toys, but if equality is important to us (which it is, right?) then how we market to kids is worth taking a good hard look at.  We don’t want to send kids messages about what they should like or not like. Campaign groups such as Let Toys Be Toys have been encouraging retailers and brands to look closely at how they market to kids for years now, there have been some great changes, but when we know that gender stereotypes are still affecting our kid's lives and the choices they feel are open to them, it’s really important to keep listening and checking ourselves.

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We’re trying to raise strong independent children regardless of their gender so it really offended us that kids were being patronised by brands in this way. We also hated the ‘sweetie shop’ smell that most brands had developed, why are we telling our children that they should smell of lemon drops or strawberry laces? They are much more sophisticated than this, that’s why we developed our fresh cut grass scent, it’s deliberately gender neutral so everyone loves it (even us adults!) 

Surely if we want our kids to be independent thinkers, we need to leave what they like or don’t up to them, rather than trying to influence their decisions with packaging and scents.


We are determined that our products are to be for anyone, regardless of gender, age or ability and we’re so pleased that our customers have agreed with us.

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