Our Beliefs

We believe in:

 Real kids not idealised kids – real kids get muddy, pick their nose, have smelly armpits and play on the X-box too much. They also don’t want a ‘pink one’ or a ‘blue one’ – our products are for anyone.

 Helping kids to help themselves – we know we protect our kids too much sometimes, we want to help them to develop into amazing adults.

 Getting kids outside – whilst we all love the peace and quiet that an x-box or tablet can provide, we want to get more kids outside and getting messy – it’s been proven to be good for their mental health.

Doing our bit for our children’s planet – the toiletries aisle is chock-full of plastic and we are trying not to add to it with Scrubbingtons. We are on mission to challenge the big brands to do the same.

 Being Kind – we try and be kind to everyone and teach our kids to do the same. We strive to always be kind to our planet, kind to our customers, suppliers, logistics teams, delivery drivers, packers, twitter trolls and husbands ;-)



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