Foaming Hand Sanitiser especially designed for children to safely remove any nasty bacteria whilst moisturising young skin.

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • 98% natural
  • Alcohol Free
  • Foaming
  • Moisturises young skin
  • Suitable for kids age 3+
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Great Britain 

Scrubbingtons Foaming Hand Sanitiser, is made from natural stuff just like our other products and so whilst it’s been proven to kill a whole host of nasty bugs, it manages to do so whilst still moisturising young skin.

    Our bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic (we’re working on the rest)! 

    A few extra notes on this product as it's extra important

    From the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we became aware from our own families and our customers of just how harsh most hand sanitisers are on everyone’s skin but especially our kids.  Washing your hands properly with soap and water is still the best way to make sure that your hands are bug-free, but we know that’s not always practical when you are out and about or in a rush. 

    We were determined there had to be a better option that whilst still highly effective against coronavirus and other nasty bugs, would also be a kinder, gentler, friendlier product suitable for young skin that children could use independently and willingly, especially as they start to return to school and nursery.


    Alcohol and kids don’t mix…

    Whilst the government’s advice is to use a 60%+ alcohol-based sanitiser, we’ve always felt instinctively a bit uncomfortable asking our children to effectively coat their hands in neat vodka! 

    It turns out our instincts were right - whilst we get the 60%+ alcohol content is a simple message for a government to put out in the midst of a crisis,  things are a bit more complex and we discovered that such a high alcohol content is really not suitable for children for a number of reasons:

    • It dries young skin out making it crack – which as well as being sore and uncomfortable also increases the risk of infection getting in via the wounds.
    • Alcohol is toxic and young skin is not always an effective enough barrier to prevent absorption.
    • There are cases of children ingesting the product causing inebriation and even becoming addicted.  The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health & Environment reports that 2-3 teaspoons of a sanitiser at this alcohol level can leave a child inebriated.
    • It’s flammable and there are reported cases of hand sanitisers igniting in certain circumstances e.g. in a hot car or from static friction caused by man-made clothing materials.
    • Whilst effective in killing germs very quickly, its effects are very short-term – as soon as the alcohol has evaporated, you’re no longer protected. 

    Hurrah for BZK! (better known to our clever Scrubbingtons lab-coated folk as Benzalkonium Chloride)

    Thankfully we found this magic ingredient which is the active ingredient in our Bug Off sanitiser.  It has been killing nasty bugs for decades and is contained in lots of products that have been approved as being effective against a range of nasty bacteria and viruses including coronavirus by a number of governments such as Singapore and Canada.  

    Even better, it is so effective that it is only needed in a very low concentration (less than 1%) to do its bug blasting thing which means we’ve been able to pack our sanitiser full of lovely natural ingredients such as cranberry and pomegranate that have natural antiseptic and moisturising properties, perfect for young developing skin. 

    BZK is a common ingredient in contact lens solutions so you can even rub your eyes after using it without worrying.  Furthermore, it is effective for several hours after it’s been applied so it will continue to protect even when it’s dried on your skin.

    98% natural

    Alcohol Free

    Kills 99.9% of bacteria

    So pleased to have found an alcohol free hand sanitiser for kids, it's so much nicer on their skin (and mine!) - definitley going in their school bags


    How muddy are your mud magnets?

    Scrubbingtons Hand Sanitiser - Bug off - 50ml
    50ml Stick
    Scrubbingtons Hand Sanitiser - Bug off - 200ml

    1 bottle

    Scrubbingtons Hand Sanitiser Duo - Bug off - 200ml & 50ml

    1 duo

    Hand Sanitiser - Bug off - Three of a Kind - 3 x 50ml

    3 stick trio

    Bug Off – Refill Pouch
    1 refill
    Eco Friendly Duo - Bug Off Bottle and Refill Pouch - only £6.50


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    Hand Sanitiser - Bug off - Three of a Kind 3 x 200ml
    3 bottles
    Three of a Kind - Bug Off Refill Pouch

    3 refills

    Hands Up Duo


    Full Scrub Bundle - Save 20% and get Free Postage!





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    Helps replenish moisture in the skin as our body comprises 65% to 70% of water

    Aloe Vera

    With its gentle soothing and moisturising properties this is a wonder ingredient

    Lemon Grass

    A naturally occurring ingredient found in essential oils and part of our lovely fragrance

    Ingredient What it does
    Aqua (Water) It's water of course, even your younger brother knew that!
    Coco-Glucoside This is made from lovely coconut oil and fruit sugars, it makes our Bug Off hand sanitiser all lovely and foamy and it doesn’t land on your head!
    Disodium EDTA Helps to make our foam extra foamtastic
    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder It is the extract of the wonderful Aloe Vera plant. With its gentle soothing and moisturising properties and it is a botanical wonder ingredient
    Didecyldimonium Chloride This is Benzalkonium Chloride’s wingman in helping to blast nasty bugs like bacteria, fungus and protein enveloped viruses like Coronavirus
    Parfum (Fragrance) Our lovely fresh fragrance of fresh cut grass
    Cetrimonium Bromide An organic salt – a pinch of which helps to make our hand sanitiser even more antiseptic
    Panthenol Is derived from Vitamin B5 and used as a moisturiser
    Benzalkonium Chloride This is the king of bug zappers – just a tiny amount 0.1% kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as other nasty bugs such as coronavirus
    Linalool Found in over 200 species of plant it has a light floral fragrance
    Citronellol This is a naturally occurring ingredient found in essential oils and is part of our gorgeous fragrance
    Eugenol It is part of our wonderful fragrance and is derived from clove oil (cloves are put in everything at Christmas by Grandmas). It also has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
    Geraniol This is found in the essential oils of many plants including rose oil and lavender.  It is a more gentle bug killer that also helps to soothe skin

    We Love Foam

    Foam is brilliant for kids to use themselves, and it’s better for our planet too

    Sticks to small hands

    Less waste

    Easy for kids use themselves

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Hand sanitiser- bug off

    Lovely product - smells lovely and doesn’t sting. Kids love using it!

    Scrubbington bug off

    Perfect for little hands

    Absolutely Lovely

    Disinfects , smells lovely, easy to apply and drys quickly while moisturises my sons hands!What else to ask for? Will definitely recommend it

    Bug off

    This sanitiser smells nice, is easy for little ones to use without using too much! And not harsh on their skin. Great for school!

    Amazing product

    Amazing product bought a few times from this company highly recommend

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